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                  澳门葡京 巴黎人平台 澳门葡京娱乐 澳门威尼斯人 澳门葡京
                  威尼斯人网址 澳门葡京娱乐 澳门巴黎人 巴黎人赌场 威尼斯人网站 澳门威尼斯人网址 澳门葡京官网 澳门巴黎人网站 澳门威尼斯人 葡京网址 巴黎人赌场

                  end-to-end solutions


                  tragic traffic accidents occur every day. minimizing traffic accidents through the use of cutting-edge technologies has become an important focus in modern society. the dahua traffic solutions integrates red light enforcement, speed detection, entrance & exit control, smart parking, and other features to help drivers strengthen their awareness while driving and also improve the efficiency of daily traffic management. the dahua traffic solution is a unique and comprehensive suite of tools which can detect multiple traffic violations in order to improve road efficiency and safety.


                  dahua transportation solutions deliver crystal clear real-time and recorded images. the latest technologies like anpr and face recognition work to improve traffic and operational efficiency. panoramic and thermal cameras also allow for more effective monitoring.


                  with the onset of rapid urbanization, residential areas have emerged as the center of our lives and the place where families spend most of their time together. the dahua integrated residential security solution secures your living space and gives you peace of mind knowing your home and belongings are protected.


                  the retail sector is undergoing fundamental changes in the face of rapid digitalization.
                  the dahua smart retail solution provides security and loss prevention for retail shops while strengthening business operations with extensive video-aided business intelligence and analytics functionality.


                  as a facility security manager, you need to be prepared for all risks including theft, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more, which could topple key infrastructures.

                  banking & finance

                  with millions of transactions every day, banking and financial institutions are continuously exposed to criminal threats. at the same time, improving the customer experience and management efficiency has emerged as a major demand.
                  the dahua banking & finance solution utilizes the latest technologies to secure banking transactions and improve management efficiency, keeping customers satisfied and your business running smoothly.

                  sports & leisure

                  sports and leisure facilities face similar challenges in fulfilling security, comfort, and management efficiency demands.
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                • new products



                  21.5’’ fhd lcd monitor






                  wi-fi indoor monitor

                  news & events


                  dahua unveils h.265 xvr product series

                  hangzhou, china /march 14, 2018 dahua technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, has officially launched its h.265 xvr product series. after upgrading its codec format from h.264 to h.265 and then to h.265+, h.265 xvr delivers a more cost-efficient storage method with smaller storage, stronger compatibility and enhanced ...

                  dahua technology 2017 annual report: substantial growth, business highlights and future outlook

                  hangzhou, china /march 12, 2018 dahua technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, has just released its 2017 annual report, which reports substantial growth in the past year as well as a promising outlook.

                  dahua h.265 xvr delivers stronger performance, better compatibility, and lower costs

                  dahua technology releases consumer products globally with the brand lechange